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pollution in the community and what would you do to control it

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Points to remember before you participate in  Essay Writing:

  • Divide your essay into 3 parts (each in a different paragraph).
    • Introduction  -> content  -> conclusion.
  • Give a space after the full stop (.)  and comma (,).
  •  Capitalise the next word after the full stop.
  • Frame small sentences as it will prevent you from making mistakes. Avoid extra spaces.
  • Your essay should not be less than 300 and not more than 400 words
  • The essay should be the original work and it should not be copied from anywhere.

SHARVAM said:Thu, September 21, 2017, 12:50:54 am

andPollution is the major problem in present world. The air we breath, the water we drink and the food we take is all contaminated with chemicals. World is rushing towards development and ignoring the activities that causes harmful effect to the environment. Flora and Fauna are coming to verge of extinction but all we care is to build high buildings with artificial air. We say "God is creator and destroyer", but we the humans took the opportunity to create the animals and reptiles with diseases claiming it to be a new animal found in the forest. 

The pollution in the community has drastically increased in the past 1 year. The white, smoky and thick air replaced the air we breathe. The usage of cars and bikes have increased leading to the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. The garbage is thrown into the open lands polluting the air wit the rotten smell and the underground water. Tress are pulldown and cut to give space for the electricity and communication lines. Due to this adverse affects of pollution, street dogs have already been sick. Their skin tone has changed to white and black spots. If the pollution prevails for years, humans will the most effected persons.

Instead of relaying on the new government policies to protect the environment, we have to step forward in cleaning the wards of the community. Public Transport should be used to go to office or other such places, due to which the flow of traffic will be decreased and the pollution will come down. Clean India programs should be followed daily but not for the photos to upload in social media. The initiative should be personal but not a forced one. We, the humans should pledge and put a small effort in cleaning.

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sam said:Thu, September 21, 2017, 12:50:45 am

Pollution is presence of the harmful matter which causes the change in the environment is call pollution. Pollution is caused by the pollutant like plastics, metals, dyes and other harmful gases. There mainly three kinds of pollution in the environment air pollution, water pollution  and sound pollution .The major cause of major cause of pollution now a days are refineries and pesticides companies .

government have take a proper action against them other wise our future is in dark , we have to also aware by this 

we should take the small initiatives like proper care of house hold waste , sewage waste etc. people in our country are not take any responsibilities even they only blame to our government .the root cause from our home .

we should have to avoid to buy the toys made from china because they are using condoms and other harmful waste and this is how much harmful for our children. India is a biggest country and our field are degrading by soil erosion and by the chemicals which are released from the oil factories .

lastly we would have to take care of it other wise human can extinct just like kites and sparrows  , no one is responsible for this hazardous event. 

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ananymous said:Thu, September 21, 2017, 12:50:34 am

The pollution is the abnormal consequence of many unnecessary activities. Everything in the world is being polluted directly or indirectly by human intervention. Pollution is absolutely not fine for us and it can cause many diseases. In ancient days, our ancestors life span was 100 years and even more but now our generation life span is degraded and fall to 50 years. Now-a-days, everything we are using is polluted, even water is being polluted.These are the days we are thinking about how polluted the item is before thinking about how tasty it is. 

Pollution is because of many reasons like degrading polythene covers into soil, using plastic and other polluted materials. Whatever the reason may be, the villian for the pollution is we the human beings. There are many types of pollution like air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution etc., There are certain reasons behind each and every pollution that's been happening. 

Government of India took many pollution control programs for controlling the pollution but it's been failing from decades. Even recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took initative and started swatch Bharat. The sole or ultimate goal of Swatch Bharat is to reduce pollution apart from keeping India clean and green. Government is something that leads people in the country but one should remember that only few people are representing government. So, it is we, the citizens of country who needs to take responsibility in implementing solutions to these sort of problems by grouping together like a communities to control it.

Gone are days where everyone thinks like, "someone will do it". This is the time to think like you are the someone to control the issues that's being happening to our community. Be the initiative, be the change because our world needs it more more than anything else .


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shivangi said:Fri, September 15, 2017, 9:36:43 pm

pollution is a environment issue that every one known about that. Pollution are of many type like air pollution, noise pollution and water pollution. In india pollution is biggest issues to remove this pollution. We make pollution community to take the care over environment.

 To control the pollution firstly we should aware about the problem and we should teach or aware the people. we should ban the polybegs. we not though the dust polythins in water etc.

so, we make many pollution community to clean our environment. "SAVE ENIVRONMENT SAVE EARTH"

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Shaikh Ismail said:Fri, September 15, 2017, 9:36:28 pm

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